ECE271, Winter 2019

Prof. Scott Hauck

307Q, Office Hours by Appointment (send email w/schedule, or stop by)


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Lab Hours - EEB-361

Mon: 9:30 - 5:00
Tues: 11:00 - 6:00
Wed: 9:30 - 4:00, 4:30 - 6:00
Thur: 9:30 - 6:00
Fri: 9:30 - 4:00


Irfan Wisanggeni (


Lecture Notes

You are strongly encourage to print these lecture notes and bring them to class. They are the slides that will be used in class, and will be useful as starting points for you as you take notes during class.


I will start every class (except exams) with a review problem, taken from the following set. I strongly recommend you print these out and bring them to class. BTW, these examples contain many problems that have been on previous exams, so they are good study aids. Doing the problems given at the beginning of class before class starts is a great way to be prepared for the exam.

Example Problems


Lab boards have been donated by Intel/Altera, Inc.

Here are the eight lab assignments for the quarter, along with their due dates. Labs 1-7 will be due during the week specified, during your demo slot (demo slot signup sheet will be posted in EE361). You should actually do the lab during the previous week. Lab #8 is due by 5pm on the date specified.

Lab 1 Lab start Jan 7, due Jan 14-18
Lab 2 Lab start Jan 14, due Jan 21-25
Lab 3 Lab start Jan 21, due Jan 28-Feb 1
Lab 4 Lab start Jan 28, due Feb 4-8
Lab 5 Lab start Feb 4, due Feb 11-15
Lab 6 Lab start Feb 11, due Feb 18-22
Lab 7 Lab start Feb 18, due Feb 25-Mar 1
Lab 8 Lab start Fab 25, due Mar 18, 5pm

The Quartus II tutorial, for labs #1 and #2, is here.

The Lab #1 files for Quartus are here.

Most of your labs will involve Verilog. The class Verilog tutorial is here. There is also a Verilog Quick Reference Card that may be of interest.

Labs on student machines

If you want to use your own machine to do your labs, then grab the Quartus 17.0 files here.

If you are using a laptop, you can bring it to the lab for demos. If you are using your own desktop machine, or don't want to haul your laptop to lab, you can FTP your files to the lab machines. You may want to use Dropbox, Google Docs, or some other cloud storage account as an intermediate - upload the files from your machine to your Dropbox (for instance) account, then download the files to the lab PCs. It is easiest to just send the entire contents of your lab file, since you'll want the design files, schematics, project, etc. IF YOU ARE DOING THIS, TEST IT BEFORE YOUR DEMO TIME.

Lab #8 and DE1-SoC Peripherals

Although most lab #8 projects can be done with the base DE1 board, plus perhaps some extra lights on the breadboard, the DE1-SoC has TONS of interesting peripherals available. Follow the link on this paragraph's title to get to a page with tutorials on the DE1-SoC I/Os that are supported, including System Verilog files to help you use them.


All homeworks are due by the end of class on the date given.
Homework 1, due January 22.
Homework 2, due January 29.
Homework 3, due February 5.
Homework 4, due February 19.
Homework 5, due February 26.
Homework 6, due March 5.
Homework 6a, due March 11. ** NO LATE HOMEWORK ACCEPTED **.
Homework 7, due March 12.
Homework 7a, due March 17 11:59pm. ** NO LATE HOMEWORK ACCEPTED **.

Solution Sets

Homework 1 solution.
Homework 2 solution.
Homework 3 solution.
Homework 4 solution.
Homework 5 solution.
Homework 6 solution.

Slide scans

Copies of the transparencies filled in during class can be found here.



There will be no class:
January 21 - MLK Jr.
February 18 - President's Day.

The midterm will be Thursday, February 14th, in ECE-105.

The final exam will be Tuesday, March 19th, 8:30-10:20, in Fishery Sciences (FSH) 102.

The scanned demo time sheet is here.

A sample exam is here.
The solution is here.

Questions from the final review are here.

Scans from the final review discussion are here.

The class gradebook is here.