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EE 475 Design of Computer Subsystems(5) An introductory course in the specification, design, development, and test of digital computer subsystems and systems, using SSI, MSI, and LSI digital components. Topics include a review of combinational and sequential logic followed by a study of more advanced material in these areas. Additional topics will include the ALU and control-unit designs, memory hardware design, I/O hardware and interface designs, system design steps, high-speed digital circuit design, noise reduction techniques, and hardware description languages

Contemporary design tools and instruments will be introduced through a series of laboratory projects then applied in a comprehensive final project brings together all of the concepts taught in the course. Offered: Fall, Winter, Sp.

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The main objective of this capstone design course is to provide students with theoretical background and practical experience in advanced digital system design techniques as well as digital circuit construction, testing and debugging. The course provides a comprehensive in-depth coverage of advanced digital design principles and practice, introduces system design process and steps while emphasizing strong written and oral communications skills

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Analog and Digital Concepts Review

Logic Families

Programmable Logic Devices


Signals and Signal Management


Array Logics

Reliability, Fault Tolerance, and Test


Topics of Current Interest

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