EE 475 Research Presentation Topics



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Research Topics



Computing and Embedded Systems

Context Aware Wearable Computers

Ubiquitous Computing

State of the Art FPGAs

Safety and Reliability in Embedded Systems

Security in Embedded Systems

Security in IOT

Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems

Design Methodologies and Tools

Hardware / Software Co-Design

Automatic Code Generation

Real Time UML

Large System Test

Statistical Timing Analysis

Systems and Component Reuse

Reconfigurable Architectures

3 D Systems on a Chip (SOC)

Computer Appliances - What are They and are They Viable

High Speed Multilayer Interconnect on VLSI

Self Correcting VLSI


Networks on a Chip

3 G Spectrum

Self Organizing Networks

Intelligent Large Scale Search

Agent Technology

Lossless Data Compression



Smart Memories

Organic Technologies

Graphics and Media

Display Technologies including Heads Up Displays

New Television Technologies

Interesting Technologies

Programming Multicore Processors

Optically Active Nanotubes

Negative Index of Refraction Materials (Metamaterials)

Touch Membrane for Robotics

Thought Driven Computing

Organic Computing

Light Modulation

Cloud Computing

Big Data

Gesture Driven Computing

Deep Learning

Neural Networks


Advances in Battery Technology

Smart Batteries

Ultra Low Power Systems

Minimizing Power Consumption in Consumer Devices

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