Final exam info Final exam is on Fri Dec 16th, 1:30-4:20pm, in LOW 216.

The exam is open textbook (Boyd and Vandenberghe), lecture slides, TA review notes, and your homework solutions (including the posted solutions of our class). No electronics are allowed (sorry!). If you don't have a copy of the book, ask our TAs to help you find a copy to borrow (many students who took the course in the past have a copy).

Winter 2016 final exam (with solutions) are posted for practice.

Homework guidelines,
Honor code

Homework is due in class on Tuesdays (if you have typeset your homework solutions using LaTeX you may also submit your homework online here). Late homework will not be accepted (in case of an emergency, please feel free to contact Maryam). Solutions will be posted on Canvas through this link. You can check your grade in the gradebook. Guidelines:

1. Clearly write your name, UW ID and student number. If possible make a printed cover page.

2. Homework should be typed or neatly hand-written and stapled. Leave enough space between lines and problems. Credit is not given to illegible or unnecessarily complicated solutions (even if correct).

3. You can use results from the textbook and lecture notes without re-derivation (unless stated otherwise). Be sure mention the reference explicitly.

4. We encourage you to work together, but you have to write down your own solutions, and list the names of your collaborators on the submitted homework.

5. You are allowed to refer to the textbook, lecture notes, papers and early homeworks and work together, but it is strictly prohibited, and considered against the honor code, to use any existing homework solutions (from previous years or other classes).

Homework Date assigned Date due
HW #0

Linear Algebra Review note (posted in the Review section)

9/29/16 -
HW #1

problems, solutions

10/4/16 10/11/16
HW #2

problems, solutions

10/11/16 10/18/16
HW #3

problems, solutions

10/18/16 10/25/16
HW #4

problems, solutions

10/26/16 11/3/16
HW #5

problems, arbitrage_data.m, hamiltonian.mat, pol_data.mat solutions

11/1/16 11/8/16
HW #6

problems , matrix_completion_data.mat , matrix_completion_data.m, solutions

11/8/16 11/15/16
HW #7

problems, policy_data.m policy_data.mat safe_data.mat, solutions

11/15/16 11/22/16
HW #8

problems, multi_label_data.mat , placement1.m, opt_funding_data.m, solutions

11/22/16 11/29/16
HW #9

problems, soft_max_data.m, grav_feed_data.m, grav_feed_data.mat, soft_max_data.mat, solutions

11/29/16 12/6/16