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Here are links to the archive folders for all classes we offer. Please note that access to the archives is restricted. All permanent faculty will have access to any course's archive folder, as will members of the Advising staff. Also, as part of class page setup, TAs are automatically given access to the archives for the classes they are currently teaching. As a rule, students do not have access to class archives.

If you have trouble getting into any of these folders, please contact the webmaster. It would be helpful if you explained why you should have access (e.g. "I am faculty", "I am the TA for this course right now", "I am Chair of the EE Department").

EE 205 Introduction to Signal Conditioning
EE 215 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
EE 233 Circuit Theory
EE 235 Continuous Time Linear Systems
EE 271 Digital Circuits and Systems
EE 299 Discovery Seminar
EE 331 Devices and Circuits I
EE 332 Devices and Circuits II
EE 341 Discrete Time Linear Systems
EE 351 Energy Systems
EE 361 Applied Electromagnetics
EE 393 Advanced Technical Writing in Electrical Engineering
EE 398  
EE 399 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
EE 400  
EE 401 Engineering Design by Teams: Robotics I
EE 402 Engineering Design by Teams: Robotics II
EE 406 Engineering Design for K-12 Outreach
EE 411 Introductory Network Synthesis
EE 415 Computer-Aided System Analysis and Design
EE 416 Communications I: Random Signals
EE 417 Communications II: Modulation and Coding
EE 418 Network Security and Cryptography
EE 420 Design in Communications
EE 423  
EE 425  
EE 433 Analog Circuit Design
EE 436 Medical Instrumentation
EE 440 Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems
EE 442 Digital Signals and Filtering
EE 443 Design and Application of Digital Signal Processors
EE 445 Nonlinear Systems Analysis
EE 446
EE 447 Control System Analysis I
EE 448 Control Systems Sensors and Actuators
EE 449 Design of Automatic Control Systems
EE 451  
EE 452 Power Electronics Design
EE 453 Electric Drives
EE 454 Power System Analysis
EE 455 Power System Dynamics and Protection
EE 456 Computer-Aided Design In Power Systems
EE 457 Electric Energy Distribution Systems
EE 461 Introduction to Computer-Communication Networks
EE 462 Power Electronics Design
EE 463 (was EE 481) Microwave Electronics Design
EE 465 Fiber Optics, Devices, and Applications
EE 467
EE 467 (PMP)
Antennas: Analysis and Design
EE 469
Computer Architecture I
EE 471 Computer Design and Organization
EE 473 Linear Integrated Circuits
EE 474 (was EE 472) Introduction to Embedded Systems
EE 475 (was EE 478) Embedded Systems Capstone
EE 476 Digital Integrated Circuit Design
EE 477 Custom Digital CMOS Circuit Design
EE 480 Microwave Engineering I
EE 482 Semiconductor Devices
EE 483  
EE 484 Sensors and Sensor Systems
EE 485 Introduction to Photonics
EE 486 Fundamentals of Integrated Circuit Technology
EE 491  
EE 498  
EE 500
EE 500 (PMP)
Graduate Seminar
EE 501
EE 501 (PMP)
Radar Remote Sensing
EE 502
EE 502 (PMP)
Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems
EE 503
EE 503 (PMP)
EE 505
EE 505 (PMP)
Probability and Random Processes
EE 506
EE 506 (PMP)
Communication Theory I
EE 507 Communication Theory II
EE 508 Stochastic Processes
EE 510 Mathematical Foundations of System Theory
EE 511 Introduction to Statistical Learning
EE 512 Graphical Models in Pattern Recognition
EE 513 Active Circuit Theory
EE 514 Information Theory
EE 515  
EE 516 Computer Speech Processing
EE 517 Statistical Language Processing
EE 518
EE 518 (PMP)
Digital Signal Processing
EE 519 Stochastic Analysis of Data from Physical Systems
EE 521  
EE 522  
EE 523  
EE 524 Wavelets: Data Analysis, Algorithms, and Theory
EE 527 Solid-State Laboratory Techniques
EE 529 Semiconductor Optics
EE 531 Semiconductor Devices & Device Simulation
EE 532 Device Modeling for Circuit Simulation
EE 533  
EE 534 Power Electronics
EE 536 Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems
EE 537 Computational Methods For Circuit Analysis and Simulation
EE 538 Topics in Electronic Circuit Design
EE 539 Advanced Topics in Solid-State Electronics
EE 540 VLSI Testing
EE 541 Automatic Layout of Integrated Circuits
EE 542
EE 542 (PMP)
EE 543
EE 543 (PMP)
Models of Robot Manipulation
EE 546
EE 546 (PMP)
Advanced Topics in Control System Theory
EE 547
EE 547 (PMP)
Linear Systems Theory
EE 548  
EE 549 State Estimation and Kalman Filtering
EE 551
EE 551 (PMP)
Power System Protection
EE 552 Power System Dynamics and Control
EE 553 Power System Economics
EE 554 Large Electric Energy Systems Analysis
EE 555 Fundamentals of Intelligent Systems
EE 559
EE 559 (PMP)
Special Topics in Electrical Energy Systems
EE 560 (PMP)  
EE 562 Artificial Intelligence For Engineers
EE 564 Parallel Computer Systems
EE 565
EE 565 (PMP)
Computer-Communication Networks I
EE 566 Computer-Communication Networks II
EE 567
EE 567 (PMP)
Mobile Radio Networks
EE 571
EE 571 (PMP)
High Frequency Circuits and Antennas: Computation of Fields
EE 572
EE 572 (PMP)
Electromagnetic Theory and Applications I
EE 573
EE 573 (PMP)
Electromagnetic Computations and Applications I
EE 574 Electromagnetic Computations and Applications II
EE 575 Waves in Random Media
EE 576 Computer Vision
EE 577 Special Topics in Computer Vision
EE 578 Optimization in System Sciences
EE 579
EE 579 (PMP)
Advanced Topics in Electromagnetics, Optics and Acoustics
EE 580  
EE 581
EE 581 (PMP)
Digital Control
EE 582 Introduction to Discrete Event Systems
EE 584 Linear Systems Theory
EE 585 System Identification and Adaptive Control
EE 586
EE 586 (PMP)
Digital Video Coding Systems
EE 587
EE 587 (PMP)
Multimedia Compression and Networking
EE 589 Advanced Topics in Sensors and Sensor Systems
EE 590
EE 590 (PMP)
Advanced Topics in Digital Computers and Systems
EE 591 Robotics and Control Systems Colloquium
EE 592 Electrical Engineering Research Survey Seminar
EE 595
EE 595 (PMP)
Advanced Topics in Communication Theory
EE 596
EE 596 (PMP)
Advanced Topics in Signal and Image Processing
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