Course Instructor:

Nicholas J. Nagel, Ph.D.

Triumph Aerospace Systems - Seattle

22922 NE Alder Crest Dr.

Redmond, Wa. 98053

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Course Purpose:

The proposed course will focus on the fundamentals of electric machines and drives. Electric machines and drives are pervasive in industry and are the largest consumer of electrical energy. While the topic of electric machines and drives is broad, this course will focus on specific areas of interest consistent with robotics, machine tools, industrial automation, and electric vehicles. All four of these areas require servo grade control of the electric machine in order to meet the requirements of the application.


Course Description:

Servo control requires proper knowledge and understanding of electric machines and power electronic drives. This course gives fundamental principles of AC and DC drive systems including machine structures and driver topologies. The fundamentals of brush DC, Brush-Less DC (BLDC), PM synchronous, and induction machines are explored. In addition, inverter topologies and control techniques are presented.


The course begins with the basics of DC machines and extends to the concept of field orientation in AC machines. We will start with the physics of each machine type and determine how the knowledge of these physics are used to control it. This course provides a sufficient background for students to understand and apply the tremendous wealth of knowledge presented in IEEE publications on this topic.